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April 20, 2008



I love that family one - what joy you've captured here!!


Beautiful--each and every one!


Stacy these are WONDERFUL. Gosh you do black and white like no one else. Love these!


FANTASTIC! I LOVE the little bit of diaper peeking out in the first one, the huge smile of the second one, and oh how handsome they look in the third & fourth ones - you can almost catch a glimpse of the men they are going to be! And the family shot leaves me speechless; it's everything life with 4 boys is!


love them all! great family portrait, simply states what all sunny, lazy family afternoons should be, fun on the front porch.

Caitlin Domanico Photography

haha what great shots you got!
I love the last one:)


Wonderful job as always!! I have 3 sons also so I can totally relate. I'm sure this family was VERY pleased with their portraits!


Every image tells a wonderful story an really shows the boys' personalities. Love the laughing one as well!


oooooh, I love that last one - what joy!
These are wonderful images!


Heartbreakers is right!!! They all have that evil little twinkle in their eyes...I love that about boys!! That family image is so perfect!


I love them all! It seems like you caught a bit of personality with each one and I bet they had it in spades. Lucky mom and dad!


oh gosh!! heartbreakers is right! what a bunch of handsome boys...great job on these, thier personalities sure shine through.

Mary Beth

These just scream FUN! Fun for the family & kids for sure and fun to look at. These would make the best gallery wall!

Wendy Updegraff

these are absolutely beautiful! Love the family shot, it just makes you smile looking at it.

Jamie Sampson

Very cute! I love the individual shots as well as the group shot. AMAZING work! The first two pics are my favorites!


What gorgeous boys. You really captured their spirits!

Shellie Gansz

I love your work! It looks like you captured the spirit of each boy so beautifully! Well done!

MaryAnn Talamo

Stacy, I love that bubble portrait! So cute!

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