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April 08, 2008



I love the dueling crib shot, it is all boy and says a lot about them. So cute!


What a fun shoot! Beautiful family.

Anna Mayer

Love these! They make me smile and make me TIRED!
Gotta' second that "24-70 LOVE" That lens rocks!


Oh my gosh! These are SO fun! I love 'em all, Stacy!


Very well said with the piano comparison!


Love the family shot on the bed...gorgeous.


Love love love the double crib shot! The 24-70L rarely leaves my camera too.

Kimberly Hill

You did a fabulous job capturing the fun (and chaos)! Your images make we want to hang out with the family. Bet they're great friends and the kids are a hoot!

Laura Siebert

These are true Blue Candy images! Congrats again on the book images!!!!!


Beautiful Images!!!


Oh my goodness, what fun! These will make fabulous art for your client's family.


These little monkeys look like so much fun, you did a wonderful job of capturing that! Beautiful family images as well.

Daniela Berkhout

Great shots! I'm sure the family loved them all!


I am a total lurker of this site and I love your pictures. I'd love to be put on a wait list for any classes you may offer in the future. I just love your lighting and your style so much. Thanks for the inspiration!


It doesn't look like my info. comes up on typepad, so if you need it for your wait list my blog is 71toes.blogspot

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