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August 22, 2008



Oh these are so fun and summertime fresh!
I love how I can see the water droplets from the sprinkler.
Awesome captures!

Kristen Leep

Beautiful as always, Stacy! Those girls look like they could be mini Shannon Stack***** that we went to school with. the resemblance is kind of uncanny.

Stacy - Blue Candy

Thanks Kristen - and WOW, I didn't see it before but you are right! They are gorgeous girls for sure. Great to hear from you!


i love how they are so serious and statuesque ... and then put them in water and watch their personalities come about as they're having the time of their lives! awesome photos!

corey civetta

What beautiful kids! I love, love, LOVE the sprinkler shots - how fun!


OMG! The sprinkler shots are SOOOO amazing!
I feel like I should use a swear word here ;)
You rocked this session!
Great job!

Michelle Davies

Great job on these! I adore those sprinkler shots! So much fun.

Candace Murphy

hello, i really like you're work! i'm 18 and am a photographer my self in west lafayette IN, i was just wondering about maybe mentoring(if you do anything like that)? i first saw your site early this year and always wanted to ask, but never did, i saw you had posted something about it and sparked my curiousity again :)if you get a chance, could you email me


Just love the sprinkler ones!!!

Lisa Kelly

Oh my, those sprinkler shots are so fun and perfectly portray the kids being kids. I love the last shot, even though they are wet, it is just so natural. Love it.


These are fantastic! What gorgeous kids!! Mom must be so excited! Great work!


Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

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