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August 24, 2008



Hi Stacey!

These are beautiful! When I have a family I will definitely hire you to take our photos!!

Keep up the good work :)

Molly W.

Hard to say...some pics I think strawberry? But in all pics I think CUTE!


Strawberry or blond...either way he is one handsome fella! (strawberry!)


So cute! I vote for white blonde!

Pam Nafziger, SC photographer

He is one beautiful boy! Love, love, love the first one of the glimpse of hair - so creative!


hair? still too early to say...
his eyes are absolutely DREAMY though!
super cute little fellow....
awesome pix as always!


Oooh, he is so adorable I can hardly stand it. Makes me excited for the boy monkey in my tummy ... I vote strawberry for sure!


Kirsten Welch

What a beautiful boy! His eyes are stunning! Great job capturing him.


Oh he is sooo sweet! I love the last one - just precious! I'm not sure on hair either - his little eyelashes look strawberry!! Just perfect either way!


wow what gorgeous shots. I just LOVE the composition of that first one!


My friend just pointed me to your site, and your work is so beautiful!! Not to mention this adorable little guy! Best wishes for continuing wonderful-ness in your life and your business!

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