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February 02, 2009


D Baker

I don't guess you would happen to know where that hat and coat came from? I would love that for my little boy. Thanks

Stacy Wasmuth

I wish I knew where to find more hats and coats like this one because the style is so photogenic! It was actually found at a vintage shop!


Oh my goodness! The snow (and the cold that accompanies it) must be quite the jolt to your system after you trip.

Hope you're settling back into life and that all is well. Mr. E certainly couldn't be cuter!


Jessie Passon

Love it!

MaryAnn T

Stacy, these are lovely. So worth facing the cold for!


I love the timelessness of these, and how different the setting is from the typical kid-in-the-grass shots. Love them!


Oh My!! How darn cute is he???? Such a fantastic image!!!


beautiful images! love the tranquility of the snow falling.

Cammy Burton

OH HE is so adorable! What a sweet face he has!!! Just love these shots! I've been watching for new photos - just fills my heart to see your work! I also love your new photos of you and Eli on your website - tooo cute! I sure hope to see you this summer if not sooner! Can you share your secret to catching a good photo in snow??


Love these! It's so hard to get clients to go out on snow days...


You are back! And in the snow...
Lovely images, as always. The snow adds so much, I hope you were quick though!

Lisa Kelly

Oh my, these are darling. I love the hat and coat, so perfectly vintage and the snow is just sublime.

Kris Leigh

OMG, he is absolutely adorable and I totally agree, snow an amazing photo prop :-)

Michelle Miller

WOW these are fabulous images!

Nina Pomeroy

What a cute little man! Love the outfit in the snow.

Gillian  Gauthier

Oh my gosh, that is too cute! You want snow, you can have OUR snow! We have tons!


OMG so adorable ;)

Robyn Osten

Beautiful! Everything about it!!!

Tara Hingco

What a sweet moment you have captured. So timeless!

corey civetta

These are gorgeous, Stacy! Love the snow and his hat and coat are amazing!

Tina Arutyunyan


I just keep staring at the second one.


He is just DARLING! I love them both!


classic! what a sweet sweet boy and beautiful images.


these are so cute, love that tongue stuck out!

Cari Long

LOVE these! He is just precious and the images have such a vintage feel! I think I have a picture of my dad in an outfit like that!

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