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December 03, 2009




Amanda Keeys

So darn cute!

Sherri W

GORGEOUS. I really love when families enjoy capturing family shots that are real and not always that "perfect" one where everyone HAS to be smiling and looking at the camera even as great and wanted as they are. These are just beautiful!

dena robles

Does she ever know how to show off her new teeth!? So adorable!


Soooo cute! I love the first series - your black and whites are always perfection!


I could NOT pick a favorite - I would have to have them all!

Kristie Chadwick

Love them! Awesome job!

Sarah Wheeler

Wonderful photos, and what a darling baby!


Impossible to choose favorites but that sequence of 4 expressions at the top is fantastic!


Beautiful... every single one!


Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year! I miss your updates!


Gorgeous stuff! I love all of these too :)


I miss your pictures so much! Can't wait to see what you're up to :)

sweets in bulk

The baby looks so cute and adorable. I want to squeeze him so tight!

Cynthia McIntyre

Wow! How did ou get the children to smile in every image? Great job!


Wow! What a smiler! and gorgeous family too! I can see these all as a great gallery!


I love your photos and get so much inspiration from your work! (Beautiful tones, esp. black and white!) Are you still in business? I would love to be able to refer you to friends in the Indy area!

Stacy W.

Thanks so much! Kate, absolutely still in business, although you wouldn't be able to tell by my blogging abilities - oops! Hope to catch up here asap!

Heather Whitehead

Hello Blue Candy - we recently moved to Indy but will only be here until July. I would really love to either have you take our children's and family portrait or follow you around on a shoot/training session before we leave. Are you still doing photography? Haven't heard anything for a while. I love your work and truly hope you can squeeze us in!


The shot in the basket is wonderful!

Lillian Hoyt

I miss your posts, Blue Candy!

Kari Layland

These are adorable! I miss your posts. Do you have a new blog somewhere?

help me get pregnant

The first picture rocks. Those snaps were the cutest ever. Love this photography <3<3<3


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Cute! Lovely and adorable pictures. Wish to own a photography studio.

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